Loong Yip Juy (Vincent) - President -

Loong Yip Juy, Age 66, was born in Guanzhou China and is a resident of Peru. Mr. Juy is a graduate of the National Engineering University of Peru where Mr. Juy worked in business management all of his adult working career.  Mr. Juy has been involved in the mining industry with Brehm International S.A. since 1999, where he currently serves as President and member of the Board of Directors for over the last 5 years. Mr. Juy has the mining and management experience that AEPP Board of Directors feel will be an asset to the company as it moves forward.

Nigel Campbell Bosworth - Chief Technical Officer

Nigel Bosworth is a veteran entrepreneur. Using his skills and knowledge in the contaminated wastewater, oil & gas, and mining, agriculture technologies, he has built relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. His ability to think outside of the box has enabled him to bring numerous partnerships together to builds teams to tackle our imperative global issues. Nigel owned and operated a very successful environmental company for 22 years in Scotland before immigrating to Canada. He established his new base in Victoria, B.C 13 years ago, before rolling out a satellite location in Vancouver, Calgary, and Halifax. He later gained international satellite offices in Dubai, and two offices in Lima, Peru for his JV on 10,718,316 hectares of oil & gas coal shale, and stranded gas with major Chinese, Malaysian, and South American companies. With Nigel’s 35 years as an Environmental Entrepreneur he has established many JV’s on technology and process. His company and consortium now operates 34 products, and services that are all synergized and interrelated; with four new JV’s having just been established for the Peruvian Refinery Project.