AEPP (Advanced Environmental Petroleum Producers) is a public Oil & Gas company trading on the OTC-QB market. We developed the most advanced environmental process for extracting Oil & Gas resources with minimal damage to the environment. The process allows us to reinstate the ground as we develop to leave minimal to no scaring. The processed areas are converted into engineered farm land for the local communities.

Over the past eight (8) years, PSP (Pointsource Processing)* has spent in excess of USD$3 million in qualifying the natural resource deposit and is in the process to obtain a third party engineering report which estimates the proven resources of Oil & Gas.

Development permits have been approved, the process engineering is under development and the plant design has been configured. The pilot plant quote has been completed for a three (3) month trial of production to meet the requirements of the 51-101 - Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities.

* Pointsource Processing Our Joint Technology Partner.